Timeless Clinic

The Timeless Plastic Surgery Clinic logo and name underscore a relentless pursuit of perfection. Much like master calligraphers creating the enso symbol as an expression of artistic mastery, we bring out the beauty in our patients every day. By merging medicine with art, we craft natural beauty in defiance of the passage of time.

The extensive experience of our qualified staff, along with an individual approach to each patient, goes hand in hand with a constant search for innovative treatment methods. We strive daily to ensure the quality of our procedures and surgeries, and in collaboration with the best university centers, we conduct scientific research and develop our own techniques in reconstructive surgery. We also implement our own methods of computer-assisted surgery.

The Timeless Plastic Surgery team is primarily composed of experienced plastic surgeons working under the guidance of Dr. Janusz Jaworowski. Timeless also boasts a well-equipped operating room, treatment offices, and cozy post-operative wards.

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Sala operacyjna - Timeless
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