facial feminization

We are the only clinic in Central and Eastern Europe specializing in facial feminization surgeries.

facial feminization

Within the FFS procedure we perform feminization of the nose, forehead, zygomatic bones, mandible, chin, hair, lips, and Adam’s apple.

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is designed to subtly modify facial features perceived as masculine or inharmonious with the female appearance. The individual facial fragments make up a coherent whole that determines visual gender identification. At Timeless, we know that self-perception and satisfaction with a transgender person’s appearance are based on this.

Facial Feminization, the Key to Creating a Feminine Appearance

During the first few seconds of contact with another person, the brain registers thousands of detailed facial and figure elements, forming an image for itself and categorizing the other person’s appearance. Many components determine whether the other person is perceived as female or male. Facial feminization procedures are designed to create a consistent feminine appearance that complements other gender correction surgeries and to achieve the natural effect of a typically feminine expression.

Often the perception of gender is through facial appearance and profile. Certain features are subconsciously identified with a typically female or male appearance. Other parts of the body are not as important to gender perception and may be hidden by clothing. The forehead, nose, and jaw and chin area are key to identifying facial gender. The eyebrow line, the presence of an Adam’s apple, the shape of the cheekbones, facial hair and fat distribution on the face round out the picture.

It is often difficult to achieve a feminine facial expression without plastic surgery procedures. Throughout the entire MtF (male to female) transformation process, facial feminization treatments are crucial to correct gender perception. This is supported by the feedback of many of our female patients who note the difference in quality of life and the impact of FFS procedures on self-perception. They place facial gender modification on par with hormone therapy and genital reconstruction as part of the overall gender correction process.

FFS treatments – what structures do they cover?

At Timeless, we are focused on helping transgender women to whom we provide comprehensive care throughout the surgical feminization process. We take a very individual approach to each patient, as each face requires a different series of procedures to achieve a harmonious and more feminine appearance. The entire FFS process is not just about changing individual structures within the face, it is about understanding how surgical modifications to specific elements will create new facial features and build a new gender identification of the overall appearance.

The facial feminization process is usually a series of several procedures. During one procedure, specialists may schedule correction of several areas. The extent of FFS surgical modifications and how they are performed is an individual matter, planned independently for each patient. Typically, however, upper facial procedures involving the forehead, brow arches, eyebrows and hairline can be combined in a single step.

As the only center in Poland, Timeless clinic performs FFS facial feminization procedures with frontal bone and frontal sinus plasty. This gives the effect of smoothing and modeling the forehead into a soft outline and improving the naso-frontal angle. Correction of the brow arches and augmentation of the orbits enlarge the eyes. This procedure is complemented by hairline correction and hair transplantation.

Procedures are performed independently on structures that are key to female gender identification, such as correction of the cheekbones, feminization of the nose, and modification of the thyroid cartilage to reduce the Adam’s apple.

The second stage of facial feminization is the correction of the jawline. This is a very demanding area in terms of precision of the modifications made. Softening of jaw line gives the effect of lightness of facial features, characteristic for feminine look. In Timeless this stage of FFS is preceded by a very detailed medical analysis, a series of consultations and thorough planning of the procedure.

Do you need gender reconciliation or confirmation to perform facial feminization surgery?

Gender reconciliation or confirmation, commonly referred to as document amendment, is not necessary for FFS facial feminization treatments. Treatments can be planned and performed even before the legal journey begins. Many of our patients begin feminization treatments with minor changes, taking advantage of aesthetic medicine options. Over time, they opt for permanent modifications, such as forehead or nose feminization.

Professional and comprehensive support for transgender women

Only a few clinics in Europe perform specialized plastic surgery procedures to achieve a consistent facial feminization effect. Timeless is one of the few centers in Central and Eastern Europe where transgender women can find such professional and comprehensive assistance. We look holistically at the patient and her needs to change her appearance and expression to a more feminine one.

We understand the effect of each step of our actions, so before each FFS feminization process we carefully plan its course and precisely visualize the effects. We know what to do and what not to do to achieve the best results. Our team performing feminization procedures includes specialists from a variety of disciplines, including plastic surgeons, oral surgeons, and ENT surgeons, among others. The skills of Timeless team and Janusz Jaworowski MD are highly regarded in Poland and all over Europe.

A new concept in facial feminization: Bone Sculpture

Until recently, facial skeletal procedures were performed exclusively by maxillofacial surgeons. Recent years have seen tremendous advances in surgical procedures and a significant change in the approach to facial feminization. Soft tissues (skin, muscle, fat) change under the influence of environmental factors, making it difficult to predict the lasting effects of their changes after plastic surgery procedures. The facial skeleton behaves differently, not being susceptible to such changes. The effects of surgical modifications to the facial bones remain unchanged for many years, resulting in a permanent shift to a more feminine appearance and expression. 

We are one of the few centers in Europe that specializes in surgical procedures to help you through the entire gender correction process (both MtF and FtM), focusing on facial feminization. In our FFS procedures, we use the latest surgical techniques to directly and precisely modify the shape of the bones. This produces much better results, permanently improving the quality of life for transgender individuals.